Our graphics consultants have extensive experience in visual advocacy and strategy.

Legal Images consultants are experienced in virtually every type of civil and criminal litigation.
What We Do?

A successful trial is built on a successful attorney-presenter relationship

  • litigation
  • Litigation Graphics

    Trial graphic consultation and conceptualization sketches complex ideas, sequencing, technical details, complex processes, complicated numbers, blowups, charts, illustrations,

  • trial
  • Trial Technology & Presentation

    Manage all technical aspects of your case presentation, and courtroom presentations

  • deposition
  • Depositions

    Video deposition synchronization and editing

  • animation
  • Animation

    Two and three-dimensional animations that animation that allow objects to move at any speed in any direction and can show flow, the interaction of parts, or animate the passing of time

  • Develop compelling case theories and persuasive themes
  • Outline the strongest and most critical case story elements
  • Plan persuasive demonstrative exhibits

Case strategy consultation is beneficial in the early stages of trial preparation and may guide subsequent research and consulting, but counsel can benefit from such analysis and feedback at any time during the litigation process. The sessions are typically scheduled for two to four hours.